How MediaTek Customized Its Dinner Service to Enhance Employee Satisfaction 

MediaTek is a leading semiconductor company, renowned for its innovative chipsets that power mobile devices, smart home technologies, and automotive products.

  • Industry: Semiconductor
  • Customer Since: July 2019
  • Employees: 300+
  • Program: Dinner
  • Objective: Implement a dinner program with specific cuisine preferences and integrate a favorite pizza shop into the ordering system

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Integrated ordering for preferred pizza vendor


Fully automated dinner program


Developed a marketplace tailored to the specific culinary preferences of their employees

Journey & Impact

MediaTek required a tailored dinner program to cater to employees working late, with a preference for certain cuisines and a specific need to incorporate their beloved pizza shop for Tuesday orders.

Corporate delivery services typically offer generic solutions, which might have excluded such personalized preferences.

Chowmill's adaptability allowed for the continuation of MediaTek’s favored pizza tradition while automating their entire dinner process, proving that Chowmill can complement and enhance existing arrangements.

Since July 2019, MediaTek has enjoyed a seamlessly managed dinner service, fulfilling their unique culinary preferences and budgetary requirements.

Untitled (1)    Chowmill's tailored dinner service, especially the integration of our favorite pizza shop, has been outstanding. It's streamlined our ordering process, delighted our employees, and kept us within budget. A true game-changer for MediaTek's meal programs.

Veronica Contreras
HR, Mediatek

30K Orders

Over 30,000 dinner meals were delivered to employees in individual packages, offering a daily selection from hundreds of dishes, with no restaurant repeats for weeks.

900+ Deliveries

More than 900 deliveries were successfully executed for dinner, while sourcing from multiple restaurants.

22K Hrs Saved

Each meal order through the company saved employees 45 minutes by eliminating the need to go out for lunch.


  • Subsidized meal program with individual ordering
  • Custom feature for pizza orders on Tuesdays
  • Budget control with locked subsidy rate

Services Used

  • Two dedicated restaurants for dinner
  • Emphasis on specific cuisine types
  • Reduced delivery-related issues


  • Dedicated delivery team
  • Special set up instructions
  • Driver captain 
  • Delivery setup report 
  • Emergency backup restaurants 

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